"Why do you take the mantle?"

"To preserve the truth. To cleanse the world of all hypocrisy."

"What is your name?"

"My name is vengeance. My message is death."

"Who are you?"

"I am a Sage of Darkness."

Davik and the Sage's Apprentice during the latter's initiation

The Sage's Apprentice is Davik's apprentice. During his years in hiding, Davik found this man and manipulated him to his cause. Davik trained this man in both combat and the dark arts, making him his apprentice. It is possible that Kyrin is this man. He will be the main antagonist of The Sage of Darkness: Remnant of Shadows.


During his five years in hiding, Davik found an individual who he saw as a potential apprentice. Davik manipulated this man, showing him his outlook on humanity and the world, corrupting him and causing him to be fanatically loyal to Davik. Davik held an initiation for this man, in which he swore an oath that he would serve Davik with his life and help to "preserve the truth".

Davik trained his new follower in combat and the dark arts, filling him with the same malice and tenacity that he himself possessed. The Sage's Apprentice became a formidable enemy of Link's, shocking the Hero at what Davik had done to a once innocent person.

Personality and TraitsEdit

The Sage's Apprentice was likely a conflicted and tragic person before he was corrupted. When Davik manipulated him, he came to believe much like Davik that humanity was evil, corrupt, and beyond saving, and that the only cure for their so-called virus was destruction and death. He hints that he joined Davik for reasons of revenge, meaning that he may have been wronged in the past, making him a hate-filled person, which is why the Sage of Darkness must have seen potential in him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Sage's Apprentice was trained by his master to be an extremely formidable opponent. While Davik schemed in the shadows, his apprentice served as his iron fist with his terrible power.


The Sage's Apprentice, after his training, became more powerful then Davik physically. He had a thin, light, slender sword, which allowed him to twirl it in aggressive techniques and knock his opponents off balance. He was very fast, strong, and agile, giving him an edge against many opponents.


The Sage's Apprentice was also a master of marksmanship. He had access to kunai and boomerangs which could close and open with the push of a button. Davik's successor could also increase the lethality of these weapons by setting them aflame with shadow flames.

Dark MagicEdit

The Sage's Apprentice had access to shadow flames, which he used masterfully in combat in several ways, such as setting his boomerangs on fire to increase their lethality.

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