Super Human is a Youtube Series by Henry B.

Episode ListEdit


Air date: - Two teenagers struggle to cope with the life of a superhero.

Shades of BlackEdit

Air date: - An old friend of the heroes returns - With a lust for revenge.


Air date: - A thug that the heroes took out returns with super powers - Ready to kill them once and for all.

Revenge, pt.1Edit

Air date: - Karl Black returns to kill Jake and Danny, this time with more powers...

Revenge, pt.2Edit

Air date: - Karl has put his plan into action, and teamed up with Savage. Now, not only are the heroes in trouble, but the world...


Jake ColesEdit

Jake has the ability to generate and manipulate electricity. He can create bursts of it from his hands and eyes, and can short circuit electrical devices. Portrayed by: Henry B.

Danny GreenfieldEdit

Danny can create fire and control flames. He can throw fireballs or create a stream of it similar to a flame thrower. He can also absorb fire. Portrayed by: Ben K.

Karl BlackEdit

Karl is an old friend of the heroes' and is now their sworn enemy. He can create energy bursts and in the finale create lightning storms. Portrayed by: Jake E.


Savage was once a small time thug who was defeated by the heroes. He drinks a serum that gives him super strength and near invunrability. Portrayed by: Aidan B. and Lewis P.