Something Wicked This Way Comes is a fifteen minute movie by Henry B., AKA Climperoonie.


A series of murders takes place in a quiet fishing village. Jake and his friend Jenny take it upon themselves to investigate these strange killings, only to discover a mysterious woman and age-old mystery that gives them more than they bargained for...


The murder in the alleyEdit

A man walks along the road and enters the alley. He walks down the steps slowly, making his way down toward the sea front, when suddenly an unseen creature attacks him.

Jake and JennyEdit

An alarm clock walks up a boy who dresses and goes downstairs. He gets his shoes on and hears a knock at the door. He answers and his friend Jenny stands there, and she asks if he wants to come outside. He agrees and they go and climb on the wall before contemplating what to do.

The murder in the houseEdit

A woman sits reading when she hears something. She looks over and the unseen creature attacks her.

The mysterious womanEdit

Jake and Jenny go inside and play on Miniclip before deciding to go downtown. Jake's mother warns them that there was a murder in one of the alleys and to be careful. Jake and Jenny decide to take a look. When they arrive, they see a woman investigating the scene. She tells them to stay out of adult business when she gets a call saying there was another murder. Jake discovers some strange liquid and they decide to leave and find the woman again, while the unseen creature spies on them. They find the woman in a street and she tells them to go home. Jake decides to go round a man he knows house.


Jake and Jenny discover that the monster only appears every 200 years and needs to kill a certain number of people to stop it from going back to where it came from. The two discover that the best way to stop it is to lure it out into a woodland clearing near the sea and draw a symbol in front of it that will destroy it. The two decide that the woods by the cliffs is the best place to try. They get there and see the woman entering. After an unsuccessful attempt to pursuade her that they can help, the monster leaps out of the bushes and pursues them across the field. When they arrive back in the woods, the woman is cut off from the rest of the group and is nearly killed if not for the timely intervention of Jenny. They run back and scratch the symbol into the mud, destroying the monster for another two hundred years.


Jake-Henry B.

Jenny-Summer G.

CID Woman-Linda H.

Mum-Emma B.

Man-Ivan B.

Woman-Lesley B.