This article is for comparing Ganondorf Dragmire to Davik. Both of these villains are the primary antagonists of There Will Be Brawl and The Sage of Darkness series, respectively.


  • They both used the corruption of the human mind against their opponents.
  • They are both masters of dark magic.
  • They both, while being very powerful, prefer to operate in the shadows, usually manipulating someone into fighting for them.
  • They both believe that there is no good in the world and that all of humanity is corrupt and weak.
  • They both try to prove the corruption of the world by causing them to turn on each other like animals.
  • They are both very cold and calculating.
  • They are both excellent manipulators.
  • They both hide from their enemies by moving from place to place.
  • They both killed someone close to them in order to slay their enemies (Ganondorf killed Zelda to kill Link, while Davik killed his own sister to corrupt his arch-enemy).
  • They both went insane at some point in their lives.


  • Ganondorf Dragmire occasionally becomes foul-mouthed, whereas Davik is never shown swearing.
  • Ganondorf Dragmire has a tendency to scold others for their seemingly corrupt ways, even though he is not a good person himself. Davik, on the other hand, always keeps his thoughts to himself, and expresses himself only by killing.
  • Whereas Davik was purely insane from the start, Ganondorf was only slightly insane. However, Ganondorf was driven completely insane by Ness.
  • Whereas Ganondorf still showed a sense of honor and had a human side, Davik had all the good in him completely seeped out, reduced to a complete monster.
  • Ganondorf only fought and killed when he had to. Davik, however, enjoyed fighting, and relished in doing so whenever he could, but knew that he had to lay low as well.
  • In fights with their enemies, Ganondorf only received minor arrow wounds which he quickly recovered from, whereas Davik lost his entire right hand, although this did not stop him from spurring back into action.
  • Whereas Ganondorf did not enjoy directly killing a person, Davik took great delight in taking life.
  • Whereas Ganondorf was killed by Kirby, Davik still remains alive.
  • Ganondorf resorted to hiding only by moving from place to place, whereas Davik also took on different disquises, disquising as a Royal Guard, a hermit, and the vizier to Prince Ertegun of Gerudo Valley.
  • Ganondorf ultimately allowed his insanity to get the best of him, while Davik was careful not to immerse himself in his feelings of malice.