School Wars 2 is the second film in the School Wars series, made as a school project by Phoenixza.


The duel ensues in a school hallway. Moo and Pete approach Kiak. The three draw their lightsabers fight. Kiak proves to be the superior combatant, but eventually Moo and Pete regain lost ground by attacking him together instead of seperately, fighting him evenly.

Just as it seems that Moo and Pete may win, Putter arrives to assist Kiak. Putter kills Moo with Force Lightning, and engages Pete in lightsaber combat, but is quickly defeated and killed.

Just as Pete is about to re-engage Kiak, Nic arrives to assist Kiak. Firing at Pete with his blaster, Nic forces him on the run. Unable to escape, Pete instead sets a trap for Nic. Taking his enemy by surprise, Pete kills him, leaving him alone to fight Kiak.

The two fight each other aggressively, Pete putting up a good fight, but has his lightsaber destroyed and is pinned against the wall. He then summons Moo's lightsaber to his hands and kills Kiak, but not before Kiak kill him.