In this first episode of School Wars, a Star Wars fan-film by Phoenixza involves the Sith Lord Kiak facing off against Jedi Moo and Pete.


"One day, the

Sith Lord Kiak

came to fight

with two Jedi

(Moo and

Pete). They

were using

their force

and lightsabers. The

battle took

place inside



College (AC).

The only

survivor will be

the winner and

the loser will

face death..."


Kiak (red lightsaber) flies towards the AC in an X-Wing. Entering the school, he encounters Moo (blue lightsaber) and Pete (green lightsaber) inside a classroom, several students watching from the doorways. Pete and Moo attack Kiak. However, they are unable to attack at full force due to the limited size of the classroom. Kiak himself is held at bay due to being outnumbered. However, Kiak manages to disable Moo with a solid force push into the wall. Pete fights Kiak on his own until Moo begins to get up.

Kiak force pushes Pete away and incapacitates Moo even further with force lightning, therefore making the fighting grounds even for him. Turning his lightsaber from red to green, Kiak re-engages Pete, briefly pushing him back with his aggressive onslaught. Moo attempts to rise again to assist his partner, but the pain from the force lightning is too much. Despite holding his own and even managing to gain the upper hand near the end of the fight, Pete is ultimately defeated when he is thrown against the wall and killed with a huge wave of force lightning. Moo, having recovered from his injuries, sees Pete dead and mourns for his loss. Filled with grief over his friend's death, Moo refuses to fight, making Kiak the victor.