Red was a good friend of luigi and a major character in There Will Be Brawl, He lived with fellow pokemon trainer leaf

He was first seen in episode 1 showing luigi his newly-caught wobbufet, Then going to the pokemon club.

He helped luigi on his quest to stop the chaos in the kingdom, And became close to Samus Aran.

Samus took red home so red could have a break,And while she walked out, She saw waluigi heading to the house.

Waluigi gave red a 'Present' And red invited him in,But waluigi said 'No no no,if i leave now,I get to play olympics!'

It turned out the present was a BOMB,And it exploded,samus,luigi,and leaf came to the case (With the additon of K.K slider and Barbara),And red gave a high level jigglypuff luigi before he breathed his last.

Leaf then shew the video of Red singing 'The very best' with babara and K.K slider, And this ends episode 8.


Jigglypuff is given to the partner of ness from EARTHBOUND.