Nightmare chica Is the secondary antagonist in five nights at freddy's 4 filmEdit


She seems to be a giant crow, next his companions want to devour kenny, in the end they devour a nightmare fredbear for their cowardiceEdit

appereance Edit

Is a yellow bird, its shape is similar to a crow, orange beak, sharp claws and fangs, yellow eyes and a long hair that reaches the tip of his head Edit


  • Nightmare chica has a surprining similitary to shenzi of the lion king
  • Nightmare Chica is equivalent to shenzi from the lion king
  • Its aspects are similar to those of shenzi in the lion king
  • Nightmare chica may be inspired by a raven and not an eagle
  • It is not known that nightmare chica does not live in the world of shadows
  • Nightmare chica is shown as the leader of her clan, (as Shenzi was in The Lion King).
  • It has been revealed that nightmare chica and her clan are equivalent of the Shenzi, Banzai and Ed clan