A character from the game Earthbound used in the webshow There Will Be Brawl. They are not seen through most of the story; their first appearance was a brief cameo at the end of "episode 4: Strange Bedfellows" playing in an ally.  Their child-like demenour helped to give then-downtrodden Luigi the strength to continue.

Later we learn their back-story. Ness was an insane psychic child, like Lucas. They were two children who had been mentally tortured in Mewtwo's Orphanage, and when they escaped they became the Butcher together. They found strength in evil, killing on behalf of the Cannibal.

The next time they were seen was in the final episode, shortly after Luigi infiltrates Nintendo Headquarters. They had sewn their victims together like trophies, to appease their demons. Kirby the Cannibal then revealed these secrets to Luigi.  

After Luigi supposedly destroyed Kirby, Ness and Lucas disappear. When their last known whereabouts in the finale reveal that the Cannibal has devoured them, for he is wearing Ness's bloodied hat.