Like Father Like Daughter:Kenan's Story,A.K.A. Kenan's story, is a fanmade animated film about a wolf named Kenan who must rescue his daughter Risa from a wolf sanctuary. The film is in the process of being made, and there will be four films in the series.


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Kenan-Main character, a wolf raised in an Alaskan Town. Mate of deceased Kyla and father of Risa and Miles.            Risa-Gets captured and taken to a wolf sanctuary. Becomes mates with Takoda                                                                   Kyla-Kenan's late mate, shot by a hunter.                            Miles-Kenan's late son, killed by Akin.                                    Takoda-Wolf who lives at wolf sanctuary, becomes Risa's mate. Brother of Lakota, Dakota, Nikita, and Fang.                Akin-Kenan's archenemy, swore revenge on Kenan when Kenan got Emily, Akin's unmutual fiance, pregnant. Akin is killed by Kenan after he kills Miles.                                          Patrick Ingrid Makovich-An Irish Wolfhound/Swedish Elkhound/Russian Wolfhound mix, joins Kenan on his quest. Is shot by a hunter when he jumps in front of Kenan, saving Kenan's life.                                                                            Malakai-An old, wise lone wolf. He gives advice to Kenan while Kenan is on his quest, and the advice sticks with him.  White Cloud-Black Shadow's brother, one of the Alphas of the Starclan Pack. The nicer and friendlier of the two brothers.                                                                                 Black Shadow-White Cloud's brother, one of the Alphas of the Starclan Pack. He is a bit wary and grumpy.                     Amber-Risa's friend once Risa comes to the wolf sanctuary. Sister of Fawn and Sienna.                                                      Fawn-Amber's younger,excitable sister.                                                                                                               Sienna-Amber's older, mellow sister.                                                                                                                            Dakota-One of Takoda's brothers. People always get his, Lakota, and Takoda's names mixed up, so he prefers to be called Dak.                                                                                                                                                            Lakota-One of Takoda's sisters. People always get her, Dakota, and Takoda's names mixed up, so she prefers to be called Lak.                                                                                                                                                               Nikita-Takoda's other sister. The peacemaker between Takoda, Dakota, and Lakota when they get into fights.         Fang-Takoda's other brother. Very calm, mellow, and gentle. He is in a relationship with Sienna.

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