IronFall is a 2019 fan-film that's based off the Nintendo video game, IronFall: InvasionJim Falco, was going to produce IronFall, but he wound up directing it. Jake Meyers is planned to play as the Dyxide Emperor for the first and sequel film, that's going to be released somewhere in 2021 called IronFall: I.N.V.A.S.I.O.N.


After the Dyxides take a scientist by the name of Professor Lemming, after a secret organization is looking for him for days. An agent and projectile specialist Jim, and his partner Agent Kate sneak up on a Dyxideship to bring Lemming back. After they find out that The Commander is a Dyxide, they kill him, and Jim is the new commander.


Fred Horn as Agent Jim

Jessie Watkins as Agent Kate

Henry Watkins as The Commander

Ralph Wagner as Professor Lemming

Jake Meyers as Emperor Dyxide

Jackie Ripkie as Jim's girlfriend

Kai Zheng as Dyxide second in command


In January 19, 2014, director Jim Falco was looking for a cast to play in the IronFall franchise so the first two actors he chose was Fred Horn and Jessie Watkins to play Agent Jim and Agent Jim and Agent KateJanuary 21, 2014Jim Falco was replaced by Fred Horn, because the actors Fred and Jessie didn't think he was reasonable, and Fred chose three other actors to play The CommanderProfessor Lemming and Emperor DyxideMarch 11, 2014, Fred planned a sequel for the film, the name is still to be announced.October 4, 2014, Horn picked two more characters to play as Jim's girlfriend and Dyxide second in command.