Ghost Hunt - Original Footage is a Hallowe'en Horror movie made by Climperoonie.

Plot Edit

The movie opens with four teens, Henry, Aimee, Lee and Jodie, entering an old hall. Aimee has a video camera to record their Most Haunted spoof they were intending to make. After recording the intro to this, Aimee and Lee investigate upstairs and try a few doors, only one of which is open. While looking around this room, the two are called downstairs by Jodie as Henry isn't feeling well. While Henry is looking for a place to sit down, he discovers an old execution mask which looks clean and new, even though nobody has been in the hall for twenty years and corporal punishment has been banned for decades. Lee feels something touch his shoulder, and in the confusion Henry scares Jodie with the mask. He takes it off and puts it in their backpack, but then gets another dizzy spell and has to sit down. Jodie sits next him and hears banging from the ground. They look for the source of the sound until Henry starts visciously coughing up blood and collapses on the floor. The remaining three run upstairs to see if they can find an old first aid kit, to no avail, and upon their return downstairs, Henry's body has gone. Aimee freaks out and runs to the front door, which is now firmly locked, and turns to discover she is only accompanied by Jodie. Lee has also disappeared. Jodie and Aimee search for him, but he has also completely vanished. Jodie collects up Henry's belongings, including the backpack, and the two remaining girls run upstairs. Aimee lags behind and trips up the stairs. When Jodie leaves the room she hid in, Aimee has also gone. Jodie takes the camera and delivers a final monologue, before she is grabbed from behind and the camera dies.

Cast Edit

Henry B. (Climperoonie)

Jodie L. (jaaaybird)

Aimee P. (monkeymoo132)

Lee C.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Henry concieved the idea of a Blair Witch style movie when he planned his Hallowe'en sleepover. Inspired primarily by the TV serial Ghostwatch, he developed a plotline based around a haunted hall, the real venue of which was owned by his grandad. He developed a treatment for the movie, featuring the ghost of a hanged murderer who had been waiting to wreak his revenge. The movie was shot in just under an hour, with seven takes filmed then edited together to give the illusion of one long take. The movie debuted under the mysterious title of 31/10/09.mpg on YouTube on the 1st of November 2009.

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