Davik's Organization was an organization founded by Davik to keep Link off of his trail, and most likely for other purposes as well.


Sometime during his five years in hiding from Link, Davik began gathering followers as a diversion for Link while he attended to his own matters. It is possible that he also founded them for other purposes too.

Davik has managed to gather many followers all across Hyrule, using his charisma and skills in manipulation to his advantage. Many members of the order were fanatically devoted to Davik, calling him "The Prophet" and doing his bidding, convinced in the dark times that Hyrule was enduring that he would be their salvation. However, Davik only saw these followers as tools to serve his own ends. Davik's organization became feared by others as well. He became almost as feared as the Dark Lord Ganondorf himself, people fearing to even speak his name.

Members of Davik's order were identified by marks on their right palms shaped much like skulls, which glowed purple when the bearer was anxious or excited.


  • Davik- Founder and leader
  • Garrison- High-ranking member, possibly supplied the order