"It was Davik, all along. Just pulling the strings. He was always one step ahead of the rest of us."

The Village Elder on Davik

Davik is the Sage of Darkness, and the uncle of Link and Kyrin. He is the main antagonist of The Sage of Darkness series and Link's mortal enemy. Responsible for the deaths of both of Link's parents (one of whom was his own sister) and many other innocents, Davik has an insane disgust for humanity, seeing it as evil and corrupt. Davik possesses magical talent as a Sage and is a masterful schemer, having been able to very nearly bring an end to the Cycle of Eternity.

Davik's hatred for humanity also resulted in a hatred for the Cycle of Eternity, on which the world relied on to prosper. Intending to resurrect Ganon and aid him in his conquest in order to end the Cycle, Davik pretended to ally with Prince Ertegun of Gerudo Valley. In the process, Davik killed his sister's husband (after his sister herself), whom he believed to be the Hero, in a fight that cost him his right hand. However, his son, Link, inherited his father's bloodline.

Serving as as a Royal Guard to hide from the Sage of Light, Davik trained Link with the White Sword, a weapon that required immense hatred to use. He successfully corrupted Link (temporarily) and drew his blood during a fight at Hyrule Castle. The blood of the three chosen ones of the Cycle resurrected Ganon at the cost of Ertegun's life. However, Ganon knew of Davik's intentions to seal him away once he had won, and stabbed him with the Black Sword. However, Davik survived and fled during the final battle between Link and Ganon, which Link won.

Davik supposedly resurrected and corrupted Kyrin, and has remained in hiding for five years, building an army to drive Hyrule into chaos.


Early LifeEdit

"If the Sages were supposed to protect me, how come Davik switched sides?"

"It's impossible to tell. He's an enigma. Only he knows the truth."

Link and the Village Elder on Davik

Most of Davik's early life is a mystery. He was a descendant of the ancient tribe of Sheikah warriors, legendary for their skills in combat. He was not an only child, born with a younger sister. They were both the last remaining descendants of the Sheikah.

Being a Sage, he was charged with the duty to search for the Hero during the time where Ganon was rising to power. He and his friend, the Village Elder, who was the Sage of Light, searched for nearly all of their lives, being the last two Sages left.


"Somehow, Ganon found an ally in Davik! Somehow, Davik was turned!"

The Village Elder on Davik's corruption

As hard as facts on his early life are hard to come by, facts about descent into insanity are even harder to come by. At some point, he telepathically came into contact with Ganon. Despising the Cycle of Eternity and intending to end it by aiding Ganon in his victory, Davik allies himself with Ganon. Whether or not his sister knew about this is unknown.

Despite serving Ganon, Davik's intentions were completely selfish. Davik planned to, when Ganon won, seal him away using his power as a Sage, and watch the entire world crumble before him.

Plans in MotionEdit

"Davik thought he had won. The Hero was slain, and the Cycle was broken."

--The Village Elder to Link

One day, Davik and the Village Elder finally found the Hero when he was twenty years old. Planning to corrupt the Hero, Davik convinced the Village Elder to let him train the young man. Taking him into the woods where he lived, Davik trained his enemy with the White Sword, an ancient blade of Ganon's which required immense hatred to use. However, as he seemed to be succeeding with his plans, his sister fell in love with the Hero. Outraged and feeling betrayed, Davik outcast them from the woods and sent them back to the village. There, the two married and produced two boys: Link and Kyrin.

However, the Sage of Darkness was not finished. One night, Davik stealthily killed his own sister with a poisoned dart just to drive her husband into a state of insatiable hatred. His plan succeeded, for the Hero came seeking him out for revenge. Knowing that he would be searching for the Master Sword, the most powerful weapon in the world, Davik waited there patiently. When his target arrived, he brutally attacked him with his whip. Davik easily knocked him on the ground, and repeatedly lashed him on the back. However, in his rage, he let his guard down, a mistake which cost him his right hand and disfigured his left. However, Davik responded by taking the White Sword, the very weapon that took his hand, and stabbed the Hero through the heart with a malign grin on his face. His mission complete, Davik, in pain, limped away with the White Sword in his torn hand.

However, Davik had only partially completed his plan. Knowing that one of his enemy's sons would be the next in the bloodline, Davik continued to bide his time.

Contact with ErtegunEdit

"After that, Davik disappeared. For the last few years, he's been in hiding. He's almost impossible to track. He has adapted clouding my foresight. All this time, he was right in front of us, working for the princess. And I had no idea that he was behind Ertegun's rise to power."

The Village Elder

In order to hide from the Village Elder, Davik telepathically clouded his foresight and disguised himself as a Royal Guard of Hyrule. He also came into contact with Ertegun, prince of Gerudo Valley. Davik, planning to use Ganon's own descendant as a key to his resurrection, offered to help the power-hungry prince conquer Hyrule.

The two devised a plan to bewitch the Royal Council (with the exception of Zelda, who would be unaffected by the spell), into singing a treaty that would give Ertegun the entire kingdom of Hyrule. With the plan having succeeded, the refusal of Zelda to sign the treaty only gave Ertegun half of the kingdom. While this frustrated Ertegun, Davik was not surprised at the least.

One day, Ertegun assigned Davik to fight one of his guards as the goon's punishment for incompetence. Davik met the goon in the forest, standing calmly in front of his opponent. As his enemy charged, Davik countered easily and attacked brutally with his whip. Having won, Davik killed the goon and possibly tortured him.

After conducting some "business", Davik met Ertegun the next day, suggesting that Ertegun wed Zelda. Therefore, he'd be part of the royal family, and be able to sign Zelda's signature on the treaty.

Banishment and Meeting LinkEdit

"The name's Davik."

Davik to Link

After the plan was discussed, Davik went back to his "duties" as gatekeeper. While standing guard, Davik saw Link trying to enter the castle. Davik stopped him in his tracks, saying that Ertegun had ordered that nobody was to enter. However, Link proclaimed that he wasn't leaving until he could feed his family. Impressed and intrigued by the boy's courage, and realizing that he was his nephew and the next Hero upon seeing his green tunic, Davik let Link pass. Davik encountered Link again when the latter was leaving and handed Link a bag of at least five-hundred rupees, having been ordered to do so by Zelda beforehand.

Later that night, Ertegun and Davik executed their plan. The plan succeeded, resulting in the death of the king and the Gerudian Prince taking the throne, but Ertegun, arrogantly believing he had won for good, banished Davik and went to kill Link, despite the Sage of Darkness' warnings that Link was needed to gain the Triforce.

Determined to accomplish his goal, Davik left to save Link. Finding Link already on the way, he realized that he now had the perfect opportunity to further his own twisted ends. Giving Link a sword to save his brother Kyrin, he left for the village shortly after Link. Davik arrived at the village far before Link or Ertegun did, and found the Village Elder racing to save Kyrin and defeat Ganon's evil descendant. Davik attacked him, killing his squire. The Sage of Darkness overpowered his old friend and nearly killed him, but the Village Elder escaped. Davik then left to find Link's brother Kyrin mortally wounded and Link himself severely injured.

Davik brought his two nephews into the woods where they would be safe from Ertegun, tending to their wounds. Davik hid Kyrin away while Link was unconscious, but what he did to him is unknown.

Davik returned to find Link awake. Having dug a grave for Kyrin earlier, he told Link that his younger brother had died. Link distressed, attempted to leave, until Davik convinced him to stay by telling him about his sister. With Davik claiming that Ganon's soldiers had poisoned his sister, filling him with feelings of vengeance, Link realizes that Davik is his uncle. Davik shows his nephew the White Sword, a sword that can withstand magic, and convinces the boy to train with him to avenge Kyrin.


Davik started Link's training the next day. He trained his nephew not only the art of the sword, but also archery, magic, and how to utilize explosives. Davik taught Link combat as not a mere defense method, but an art. He also constantly told Link that while anger was a necessity in combat, it was dangerous to become immersed in. Link eventually completed all of his training, but hadn't yet mastered the White Sword. Davik convinced Link to let his desire for revenge fuel his instinct, and therefore completed the boy's training. Davik later "knighted" Link:

"Royal Guard of Hyrule


Hero of Time"

Battle of Kakariko VillageEdit

"Link, get up!... Ertegun's moving his troops against Kakariko Village."

"Kakariko? There's nothing but farmers down there."

"I know! That's why we need to hurry."

"How many of them?"

"Doesn't matter. With your sword, you can take an army."

"Could this be a trap?"

"Could be. But if we're wrong, innocent villagers will die."

Davik and Link

Dressed in his Skull Kid garb, Davik later met Ertegun in the woods one night, knowing that he would come back in his lust for power. Realizing that Davik was right about gaining the Triforce, and wanting more power, Ertegun indeed returned. Telling him that he had been training Link in the hills, Davik re-joined Ertegun, under the condition that Ertegun answer to him from now on. Ertegun begrudgingly agreed, and Davik told him that Link's will to do right would be the key to finding him.

The Sage of Darkness ordered Ertegun to lead his soldiers to Kakariko Village in order to lure Link out of hiding. Davik went back to camp and awoke the next day to see Ertegun's small army approaching. He alerted Link to the danger, and the two warriors headed to the valley where Ertegun and his troops were located. The two fought Ertegun's goons masterfully. Davik fought them and even killed them with his bare hands, occasionally wresting their weapons from them and using them. However, as small as the army was, the soldiers who were killed were constantly resurrected by Ertegun's black magic. Convincing Link that he would fight Ertegun to defeat the army, he engaged Ertegun in combat. However, the fight between the two was in fact a set up to drive Link further into his rage. Despite the two spitefully landing blows on the other occasionally, they kept true to their plan. Davik "lost" the fight, and Ertegun left with him, leading Link to assume that his uncle had been killed. The plan had succeeded.

The RitualEdit

Back at Hyrule Castle, Davik used his authority to re-organize Ertegun's soldiers, ordering them to stand guard in multiple places throughout the castle. He and Ertegun convinced the rest of the Royal Guards to turn to their side, except for Aaron, Zelda's most loyal soldier. He then set the next stages for his plan to release Ganon. Planning to embed Ganon's spirit into Ertegun via a ritual, Davik brought Zelda and Ertegun to the ruins of the Temple of Time, where Zelda's powers could not reach the outside. However, he let Zelda out of the ancient ruins long enough to contact Link as to her location. Davik would take the blood of the Three Chosen Ones of the Triforce, and with the powers of the Three augmented, the stages for Ganon's revival would be set.

Davik later waited for Link with Zelda and Ertegun. When Link arrived with Aaron, Ertegun apparently killed Aaron while Davik engaged Link. Davik forced Link on the defensive using his whip, drawing blood from him for the ritual. His main goal in the fight complete, Davik toyed with Link throughout the rest of the fight. Davik attempted to strike Link with his whip, but was disarmed. Disarming Link in return, he was tackled to the ground by Link, where the two engaged in a brawl. Link fought Davik aggressively, letting his anger fuel him, pleasing the Sage. Link removed Davik's mask, and was shocked to see his uncle grinning insanely back at him. Ertegun then put the "blood of the Three" into a well, releasing the Triforce. As the Three avoided gazing at the ominous, straining light, Davik stared at it with deranged amazement. When the light faded, Link tried to kill Ertegun, but the White Sword, while drawing blood from Ertegun, did not kill him, as Ganon's spirit was now embedded him. Ertegun then prepared to kill Link as Davik watched anxiously, but Zelda saved the Hero's life by freezing the two villains in time and using Farore's Wind to send them both to safety. Link and Zelda had escaped, but none of it mattered to Davik. The ritual was complete. Ganon was on his way.

Ganon's ResurrectionEdit

"You have served me well, Sage of Darkness."

"Ganondorf, my master"

Ganondorf and Davik after the former's resurrection

Knowing that Ganon would soon come back to life, Davik waited at the Temple of Time the next day. Eventually, Ertegun, in pain and near death, came to him, demanding to know what was happening to him. Davik, realizing what was about to happen and tired of affiliating with Ertegun, pushed him away as he began to disintegrate. The Gerudian Prince caught fire as Davik shielded his eyes. He watched in excitement as the flames dissipated and Ganon arose. Ganon commended the Sage of Darkness for his work, ordering him to retrieve the White Sword while the Dark Lord himself retrieved the princess. Davik left and arrived back at Hyrule Castle with the White Sword, just as Ganon arrived with Zelda after killing the Village Elder.

While the three waited for Link, Davik suggested that they wait at the Temple of Time, where Zelda's powers would be handicapped, but Ganon ignored his advice, wanting the Hero to find them. Davik also questioned Ganon on how he planned to succeed after having failed so many times before. When Link finally arrived, Ganon revealed his plans. The last times he had returned, he had killed a Sage. With all the Sages except for Davik dead, nobody could seal him away. Davik believed he was safe at Ganon's side, but thought wrong. Ganon knew of Davik's intentions to seal him away once he had won, and approached him, the Black Sword in hand. Davik tried to exult his devotion, but Ganon, refusing to fall for Davik's deception, stabbed him.

Davik fell to the floor, apparently dead. He lied there for part of the duel between Link and Ganon, presumably playing possum. He had survived the stab, and covertly fled, leaving his Skull Kid mask behind.

Into HidingEdit

"Well, would you look at that. Looks like your brother's right on our trail."

Davik to Kyrin

Link won the duel with Ganon, and sealed him away, being a Sage himself through Davik's sister, one last trump card Davik had left for the Dark Lord. While this avenged Davik's near-fatal wound, it still foiled his plans to end the Cycle of Eternity. Link noticed that his uncle had disappeared, leaving his mask behind and went on the hunt for him.

Davik's near fatal wound eventually healed, and he retrieved Kyrin, going on the run with him. Davik most likely trained Kyrin as his apprentice and manipulated him as he had done with Link and his brother-in-law. Davik has been on the run for five years, successfully remaining hidden from his nephew, who has redeemed himself, and no longer pursues him for revenge, but for justice.

Davik has roamed Hyrule with Kyrin in tow, calling himself "the prophet" and gathering followers. He has also gained an apprentice, training him in both combat and the dark arts.

Personality and TraitsEdit

"...He was just tired of seeing the Cycle repeat, century, after century, as it was designed."

The Village Elder

Davik is a cold, calculating psychopath. He is clever and talented, but in a diabolical way. He possesses an insane tenacity towards humanity, this pathological hate making him an anarchist. He sees humanity as evil, corrupt, and empty, and mocks them by imitating this perceived image. His insanity runs deep, but he is also calm and collected. He is highly serious about his goals, his madness only apparent in his crazed eyes. Due to his one track mentality, it is extremely difficult to tell whether he is lying or telling the truth. In fact, he hides his true personality almost constantly due to his aptitude for manipulation and lying, making him a very enigmatic figure.

When disguised as the gatekeeper, Davik keeps true to his view of others and pretends to be a cold, apathetic man. He shows himself as a man who has suffered much and given in to ideas of using fury and anger to his advantage in combat while refusing to let it consume him. He trains Link and seems to know much about what he has endured and offers to help him in his quest for revenge. However, this was only a ruse to corrupt him.

As the Skull-Kid, Davik acts as a calm, collected, efficient operative. He never loses his cool, and takes charge in any situation. Even though he takes orders from Ertegun, he has taken more charge then he has and treats Ertegun much like an inferior, as he knows that the Gerudian Prince would not have been able to launch his plans without his help.

As is described by the Village Elder, Davik is an enigma. His true personality is very mysterious, and has only been witnessed rarely, such as when he grinned widely and insanely when Ertegun tried to kill Link at the Temple of Time and when he killed Link's father.

While insane and merciless, he also has the wisdom of a Sage. Davik knows full well the corruption that humanity is capable of, and knows that evil is not a single entity, but a part of the human heart. However, his knowledge of this is hazed and distorted by his madness, to the point where he believes that humanity is a pure evil virus, whereas he is the cure. Davik strives to prove to the world that his philosophy about humanity is true through his ways of anarchy and corruption.

His wisdom also made him extremely aware as to what was happening around him. Even when he made a mistake, he always learned from them, and therefore, knew not to repeat them. A primary example of this is when he fought Link's father, and his loss of self-control towards his despised enemy cost him his right hand and disfigured his left one. After this incident, he was careful to never let his hatred or anger control him again. This also influences his patient and graceful fighting style, which almost completely contrasts his bestial and savage inner spirit.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Davik was a highly talented and cunning being, having several capabilities. He is a deadly warrior, a powerful magic-user as a Sage, and is a master of deception and manipulation. These are some of the many talents that Davik has:

Expert FighterEdit

"He is the last of the ancient Sheikah warriors, and their kind has always been shrouded in mystery. They could be great allies, but they could also be dangerous enemies."

The Village Elder on Davik's ancestry from which he inherited his combat skills

Davik is a deadly combatant, his combat abilities making him one of Zelda's most valued Royal Guards. It is unknown whether or not he was trained as part of the tradition of a Sheikah, or if he trained after the Sheikah had come to pass. However, it is implied that he inherited his combat skills from them. Davik was ambidextrous, and having lost his right hand in battle, used his left hand to wield weapons, and even learned how to fight with what remained of his right arm. He was an expert in all forms of combat, being an expert swordsman and a master at wrestling, being able to kill grown men with his bare hands. He has a knowledge of many weapons, able to use a tomahawk to kill a goon during the Battle of Kakariko Village, and use a bo-staff to fight Ertegun. Davik's signature weapon was a whip, which he used with deadly proficiency. He trained both Link and his brother-in-law to be deadly fighters themselves, and most likely trained Kyrin.

Magical ProwessEdit

As a Sage, Davik is a masterful magic-user, being able to use magic in numerous deadly forms and having trained Prince Ertegun and his apprentice to be powerful magicians, while still making sure they did not know the true extent of his power. As the Sage of Darkness, he is a master of shadow fire, and is also able to create orbs and channel them with magic, such as the spells Farore's Wind and Din's Fire. He possesses vast knowledge of magic, able to plan a ritual to resurrect Ganon and another ritual to induct followers into his cause. He is also able to recognize Ertegun's method of reviving his soldiers, able to deduce what his spell does and how to stop it. Most of his powers have not been shown as of yet, but it is implied that his knowledge and prowess with magic is vast.


Davik is a masterful manipulator, being able to manipulate several people to his cause, including Link, Kyrin (presumably), his brother-in-law, Zelda (who is the Chosen One of Wisdom), and to a certain extent, Ganon and the Village Elder. He is able to exploit his enemies' emotional and psychological weaknesses, using them to his full advantage. He is very well known for his ability to manipulate others, to the point where people cannot tell whether he is lying or telling the truth. It his ability to deceive that makes him such an enigma, as he has kept many vital secrets of his life from others.

Superior IntellectEdit

"He was always one step ahead of the rest of us."

The Village Elder

Davik is a highly intelligent man, having the vast amount of knowledge and understanding that all Sages are well known for having. Davik is a master strategist, having been able to plan an assault on Kakariko Village, a defenseless village, and able to plan Ganon's resurrection. Even when Ganon turned against him and nearly killed him, Davik was able to devise a back-up plan to drive the world into chaos. Davik had been arranging that back-up plan while simultaneously setting his plan to aid Ganon in ending the Cycle of Eternity into motion, having hid Kyrin away from Link in preparation for raising his army. Davik's emotional distance and lack of empathy made him a masterful schemer. Whenever one of his original schemes failed, Davik was able to easily devise a plan to set it back in motion, as he did when Ertegun banished him. Davik's superior intellect made him extremely dangerous, and was one of the many things that made him a force to be reckoned with.


Davik had a number of relationships. However, he tends to jeopardize his relationships with others through his cruelty and sadism. His well known streak for manipulating others had made him a hated enemy to many people, including his family.


There is much mystery about his family, however his known relatives include his younger sister and his two nephews. However, he has made an enemy of all three of these people, especially his eldest nephew, Link.

Younger SisterEdit

It is possible that he once loved and cared for his younger sister. However, his involvement with Ganon clouded his capacity for love, and he likely began to distance himself from her. He likely still loved her by the time he met the Hero, who his sister would eventually fall in love with. When Davik realized the love between the two, he was outraged. He felt betrayed by his younger sister, and banished her and the Hero from his home. Davik later poisoned his own sister to corrupt the Hero, an action that he would later show little regret for. When he pretended to be on Link's side while training him, he claimed he loved his sister very much, and would give his life for her. He also showed great sympathy for his sister. However, this was most likely all a ruse. When Ganon questioned Davik on his sister, the Sage of Darkness claimed he killed her before "she did something stupid."


Davik's nephew, Link, never knew about him, believing that his mother had died from fever instead of Davik poisoning her. Davik later told Link that this was because he and his father did not get on good terms, which was more or less true. Davik, despite familial ties, thought of Link as a mere tool in his quest to end the Cycle of Eternity. The Sage of Darkness trained Link with the White Sword, one of Ganon's Ancient Blades, and a sword which relies on hatred and aggression to use properly. Link later found out about Davik's treachery during the Ritual, and developed a hateful relationship with him, wanting to kill him as revenge for what he did to his family. However, Link later redeemed himself, cleansing his spirit of his dark thoughts of revenge. Link is currently on the hunt for Davik, who is still a threat to the world's existence. However, he no longer hunts him for revenge, but for justice.

Davik himself despises Link due to his parents having "betrayed" him, and his role in the Cycle of Eternity. Davik has made it clear on several occasions that he would gladly kill Link to further punish his parents.

Despite Davik seeing Link as a mere tool to fulfill his own ends, when pretending to be on Link's side, he portrayed himself as a man who cared for his nephew, but barely showed it because of his calm and aloof nature. Davik also knows very well that his nephew has become a force to be reckoned with, despite the boy's age. In fact, Davik believes that engaging the boy in sheer physical combat is too much of a risk for him to take, and instead resorts to sending his followers to kill him and taking advantage of the Hero's lingering darkness.


Davik's relationship with Prince Ertegun of Gerudo Valley was a spiteful one at best. Davik, while hating Ertegun and seeing him as a "greedy coward", he knew that he was a means to an ends, and subtly used him for his plans. As Ertegun was a poor leader, Davik often found himself having to make up for Ertegun's mistakes. However, this was an advantage for him, as he was able to manipulate Ertegun into answering to him. Davik also hated answering to the greedy prince, as he despised taking orders from a person he considered his inferior. However, Davik was calm in front of Ertegun, despite often insulting and threatening him. Despite Ertegun hating Davik in return, he knew that he could not rule without the Sage's help, and also acknowledged him as being more powerful, despite acting to the contrary.

Davik trained Ertegun in dark magic, and also served as his vizier and bodyguard. Ertegun banished Davik when he believed that he had secured his victory over Hyrule, though brought him back into his league when he realized that he was still vulnerable. Davik then forced Ertegun to answer to him, and continued to be in league with him until Ganon's resurrection, the reason he had allied with Ertegun in the first place. Davik did nothing to save Ertegun, and watched gleefully as he died and Ganon arose in his place.


Princess Zelda of Hyrule was another mere tool of Davik's. Davik became one of Zelda's Royal Guards to hide from his old friend now turned enemy, the Village Elder. He cunningly "served" both Zelda and Ertegun at the same time, convincing both that he was on their side. Zelda herself, despite being the Chosen One of Wisdom, fell for Davik's trick, considering him her most faithful servant. As for the Skull-Kid, Zelda saw him as a monster due to his service to Ertegun, though never payed much attention to him. However, Zelda seemed to recognize that Davik was the true conspirator behind Ertegun's plans, always having been suspicious about his activities. When Davik devised a plan to force Zelda's signature to the treaty, Zelda was shocked that she did not anticipate it, calling it a "brilliant" plan.

It is unknown how she reacted when she found out that Davik in fact, was the Skull Kid, though she was likely shocked. She immediately recognized, however, that Davik had been behind everything the whole time. Zelda, despite most likely despising Davik for his treachary and deception, was disgusted when Ganon tried to kill him, shocked that Ganon would kill his "most faithful" (despite knowing that Davik was only faithful to himself). Zelda did not seem surprised when Davik emerged alive, likely having foreseen it. Zelda now rules over her broken kingdom, trying to piece it back together, while Link hunts for the Sage of Darkness.

Davik seemed to have a liking for Zelda. He subtly flirted with Zelda in speech, and seemed be amused by her bravery and determination. However, this could most likely be a ruse by Davik to mock humanity.

It is known that in The Sage of Darkness: Remnant of Shadows], Davik will fight Zelda, during which both combatants will use much magic against one another.


Davik, being a Sage, originally saw Prince Ganondorf of Gerudo Valley as an enemy. However, when he went insane, Davik became just as corrupt and dangerous as the Dark Lord. Davik came into contact with Ganon, apparently convincing him that he was a faithful servant who had become sympathetic to his cause. It is also possible that Ganondorf drove Davik insane and manipulated him to his cause. Davik planned to resurrect Ganondorf and use him to bring the world to an end, having grown a tenacity for the world around him. However, Ganondorf was a tool to Davik just as everyone else in his life was. Davik intended to seal Ganondorf away with his power as a Sage when he was done.

He developed a complex master plan which involved embedding Ganondorf's soul in his descendant, Ertegun, and upon the Master Sword being drawn by the Hero, Ganondorf would be revived. The plan succeeded, but Ganon knew of Davik's true intentions, and stabbed him with the Black Sword. Believing Davik dead, Ganondorf then attacked Link. During the fight, Link revealed that Davik was his uncle, so he himself was a Sage. Ganondorf was amused that the Sage had "one more lie to tell". Ganondorf was defeated and sealed away for another generation, never living to see that Davik had in fact, survived and went on the run.

Despite his fearlessness, Davik appeared to fear Ganondorf, constantly addressing him with feigned respect, and pleading for mercy when Ganondorf tried to kill him. However, this fear was most likely a twisted ruse in his mocking of humanity.

Link's FatherEdit

Davik had a bitter, hateful relationship with Link's father. Davik, intending to corrupt the Hero and therefore, the Cycle of Eternity, searched for this man for twenty years with the Village Elder, convincing his old friend that he was still on his side. When they found him, Davik trained him in the woods with the White Sword, instilling hatred and aggression into the man's heart. However, when his sister fell in love with the Hero, Davik was enraged, and banished the two from his home in his fury.

Davik, wanting revenge against the two for their perceived betrayal, and seeing a chance to end the Cycle of Eternity, poisoned his own sister to manipulate her husband. The Hero came searching for him, looking for the Master Sword, the mightiest weapon in existence, to kill Davik. However, Davik set a trap for him, waiting at the Master Sword's resting place for him. Davik released his pent up rage on his enemy, lashing him brutally with his whip, but his uncontrolled rage cost him his right hand. Determined for his revenge, Davik wrested the White Sword from the Hero's hands and killed him with it.

Davik would carry a grudge against the Hero for years, and later made an enemy out of his son, Link. However, after killing his nemesis, Davik forever remembered to not steep himself to far into his rage, or he would be injured once again.

The Village ElderEdit

"I can't believe I trusted him!"

"We all did. We were friends once! We found the Hero together."

Link and the Village Elder

The Village Elder was a friend of Davik's. Before his madness, Davik truly saw the Village Elder as a friend, but when he became an enemy of the Cycle of Eternity, he became yet another pawn in the Sage of Darkness' grand plan. Davik managed to convince the Village Elder that he was still a loyal friend for the most part, and the elder, despite all of his wisdom, failed to see through Davik's deception.

Davik and the Village Elder searched for the Hero of Time for nearly all of their lives, until they finally found him when he was twenty years old. Davik convinced the Village Elder to let him train the Hero in the woods. When Davik was done training the Hero, he sent him and his sister, whom the Hero had fallen in love with, to the elder's village. It is possible that by now, the Village Elder suspected Davik's ill intentions.

When Davik poisoned his own sister to corrupt the Hero, the Village Elder finally realized what path Davik was now following. It is likely that the Elder was shocked by his friend's betrayal.

When the Village Elder tried to stop Prince Ertegun from killing Kyrin, Davik attacked the Elder in order so that Ertegun could kill the boy. Davik killed the Elder's squire and fought the Elder. Davik, younger and more physically fit, won and nearly killed his own friend, until the Elder fled. The Village Elder used massive reserves of energy and power to fight Davik, and was tired for many days after.

The Village Elder, hours before the final confrontation at Hyrule Castle, Ganondorf, whom Davik had freed from the Golden Plain, murdered the Village Elder when he was trying to abduct Princess Zelda. Davik showed no remorse for either his friend's death, nor any guilt for helping to kill him. Davik himself was nearly killed by Ganondorf moments later, but unlike the Elder, managed to survive and escape.

The Sage's ApprenticeEdit

During his five years of hiding, Davik found a man who he saw as the perfect successor for him as the Sage of Darkness. He manipulated this man, showed him his twisted outlook on life, and convinced him to become fanatically devoted to him. Davik held an initiation for him, and trained him towards both physical perfection and mastery of the dark arts, while still remaining aloof and secretive towards him.

Davik uses his apprentice to spread fear of his name. While he schemes in the shadows and spreads fear through his diabolical ways, he uses his apprentice to serve as his champion and to show Link what he is able to drive people to do. However, Davik cares nothing for his apprentice as a person, thinking of him as just another tool in his plan to corrupt humanity. In fact, to him, his apprentice serves as a representation of how easily corrupted humanity is.


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Davik is played by Michael Stevenson, who was born with one hand, whereas the character of Davik lost a hand in battle. Michael came up with many traits for Davik, including the fact that he mocked people by pretending to be cold and empty.

  • While Michael played Davik physically, his voice when he was disguised as Skull Kid was provided by Dan Hogan, as Michael couldn't memorize his lines. Originally, Michael was supposed to speak his lines, and have his voice deepened through special effects. Dan Hogan refers to Davik's role in the Remnant of Shadows as an "elusive darkness that's hanging in the air... waiting to come back, still up to no good."

  • It has been stated that Davik is using his apprentice to "take up his mantle". This would lead to a possibility that the stab wound that Ganon gave him could be killing him.
  • It is quite possible that Davik is not the Sage of Darkness' real name, but rather a mere alias. However, the Village Elder, an old friend of his, having called him Davik, seems to disprove this theory. But this could also be evidence that Davik may have been plotting against the Sages since a very early age.
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