Bryan Morton is an associate of Bat in the Sun. In 2009 he starred as Batman in the fanfilm Batman: Hothouse, produced by 2 AM Productions. Beginning work with Bat in the Sun, he was a stunt performer on Batman: City of Scars (2010), and a co-writer, producer, special effects coordinator, Batman stunt double, and co-designer of the Batman suit on Batman: Seeds of Arkham (2011).

He later was a co-producer on various Super Power Beat Down episodes. He played Wolverine in Batman vs Wolverine (Episode 3) in 2012, and played Batman in Batman vs Deadpool (Episode 8) in 2013.

Year Date Film Role
2009 Batman: Hothouse Batman
2010 Batman: City of Scars Stunt Performer
2011 Batman: Seeds of Arkham Co-writer/


special effects coordinator

Batman stunt double

Batsuit co-desinger

2012 Apr. 27 Darth Vader vs Gandalf: Super Power Beat Down (Episode 2) Co-Producer
Jun. 26 Batman vs Wolverine - Super Power Beat Down (Episode 3) Co-Producer
Sept. 07 Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) vs Nathan Drake (Uncharted) -

Super Power Beat Down (Episode 4)

Oct. 08 Batgirl: Spoiled - Episode 1 - "Blindside" Iceberg Lounge Matte Painter
Dec. 18 Nightwing vs Gambit -Super Power Beat Down (Episode 5) Co-Producer
2013 Jan. 20 Assassin's Creed vs The Walking Dead vs

Far Cry vs Max Payne:

Super Power Beat Down (Episode 6)

Batman vs Deadpool: Super Power Beat Down (Episode 8) Batman
2014 Mar. 19 Captain America vs Master Chief: Super Power Beat Down (Episode 11) Co-Producer
Jul. 21 Punisher vs Red Hood: Super Power Beat Down (Episode 12) Co-Producer / Stunts
Sept. 19 Casey Jones vs Kick-Ass - Super Power Beat Down (Episode 13) Co-Producer
Nov. 28 Batman vs Darth Vader - Super Power Beat Down (Episode 14) Co-Producer
2015 Dec. 11 Spider-Man vs Darth Maul - Super Power Beat Down (Episode 17) Matte Work
2018 Dec. 11 Deadpool vs Deathstoke - Super Power Beat Down (Episode 24) Matte Work
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