Blast of Elementals is the first film produced by Atarobaldo.


Rocky Anderson, the Elemental of Fire, older brother of Becky and leader of the Elementlas. He is the film's protagonist.

Monica Balinton, the Elemental of Water and love interest of Rocky. She is the secondary protagonist.

James Ground, the Elemental of Earth, Rocky best friend and the deuteragonist.

'Becky Anderson,' the Elemental of Air, young sister of Rocky and Ground love interest. She is the secondary deuteragonist.

'Manday Lockiend'the Elemental of Ice, Rocky's arch-nemesis and former partner, and the main antagonist. She seeks vengeance against the people of Zaparia, especially Rocky..

Cart Halley, the Elemental of Light and Bart twin brother. He is the tritagonist.

Bart Halley, the Elemental of Dark and Cart twin brothers. He is the tritagonist.

Ed Brooks, the Elemental of Forest, a famous scientist and the secondary tritagonist.

Carlos Vargas, the Elemental of Techology and the secondary tritagonist. He is the delegate of Zaparia and Don Pablo's arch-rival.

Don Pablo, the Elemental of Lightning from Spain, who lives in the City of Zaparia. He is the secondary antagonist and Carlos arch-rival.